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March 2013

Facebook Servers Overloaded

update 4/15/13 – Facebook finally granted us access to edit the page. DBA documentation was required – but at least we can edit the page now. I wish they would have simply stated that from the beginning.


A client called me because she found a page about her on Facebook. The page is blank except for a photo and brief description. It looks like it is a page that Facebook created in the hopes someone would ‘claim’ it. My client asked me to claim the page in order to shut it down. She has retired and no longer wants her photos online.

I have been trying to claim this page for my client for the past 3 days. Every time I try, I receive a message stating Facebook’s servers are overloaded – please try again in a few minutes:

“Our systems are currently overloaded. Please try again in a few minutes.”

Our systems are currently overloaded. Please try again in a few minutes.

I clicked on the link to report a problem on day 2. I still have not heard back.

What’s going on Facebook?

Here are the steps I followed to claim a Facebook page. Did I do something wrong?

Facebook Page

This is a screenshot of the Facebook page I am trying to ‘claim’. I selected “Is this your business” from the drop-down menu.


Next I checked the box to show I am an authorized representative.


Facebook Claim Page Box

Then I entered the name, phone number and address information.

Facebook Verification Screen

I selected the number to be dialed for verification.


Facebook Call PIN

I selected the language and clicked the “Call Now” button and waited.

Keep in mind, I had to instruct my client to wait for the call to come in. And then, I get this message…

Our systems are currently overloaded. Please try again in a few minutes.


I’ll keep trying and post my results here. If anyone knows of a solution, please let me know. This is extremely frustrating.

RSS Feed for A+ College Escorts

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blog feed on homepage

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