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Are you looking for quality photography services in New York, Hawaii or London? Be sure to contact Natasha at Glamourfix. She has an outstanding portfolio of glamor and boudoir photography.

Natasha has nearly a decade of experience servicing clients in London, Paris, Rome, Prague, Europe as well as North and South America.

Her work has been published in the French Magazine “Le Figaro”, UK TV guide, and the TV Series “Belle de jour”. She was a featured Portrait Photographer on the UK version of the TV show “Apprentice”.

Visit her website at:

Glamour FIX

Google Apps Email

Google Apps recently started charging for their service. Fortunately we still have a few premium Google Apps accounts available for our customers. These accounts are managed by  In order to use your Google Apps email account, you must click the “Email” link at the TOP of the screen after you login. The “Gmail” link in the middle of the page will not work.

Google Apps Email

To Call or Not to Call

Consider this… A distinguished gentlemen comes across two websites. Which one do you think he will call?
Which website would you call? A or B

A or B

If you picked “A”, go back to what you were doing. I can’t help you.

If you picked “B” you obviously have good taste.

Now, ask yourself this questions. Is your website the one receiving calls from affluent gentlemen? If the answer is no, consider what a new design can do for you.

Call me. I can make your website work for you!

I can be reached between at 813-792-0056.

I look forward to helping you create a beautiful website (work of art).

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