PHP List

In this tutorial I will show you how to send a message using PHP List.

Login to PHP List and click “send a message”

send a message

Compose your message, then click the ‘insert image’ button.

compose message and insert image

You need to get the URL of the image you want to insert. To get this, go to your website and locate the image. In Firefox, right-click the image and choose ‘copy image location’. In IE, choose ‘properties’ and copy the URL from there.

copy image location

Go back to PHP List and paste the URL in the dialog box.

paste image url

Then you can set the image properties. You want to set the width to around 200 pixels. You can align the image right or left here as well.

set image properties

Repeat this step if you wish to add additional images. Then click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

save changes

Click the ‘Lists’ tab at the top of the screen. Select the list you want to send to and click ‘Send Message to the Selected Mailinglists’.

lists tab

In the last step click ‘process the message queue’. Your email will be sent in batches of 200 every hour.

process message que


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